Market Lovers Giveaway- Week 6

This week’s your last chance to WIN a $100 market shopping voucher, answer our weekly question below to go into the draw!*  It’s that easy.  The most creative and inspirational answer will win.  Make sure you fill in your current email address so we can notify you if you win.

This is the final week of the Market Lovers Giveaway and your last chance to WIN, so get involved!


What is your favourite seasonal produce of the moment, and why?


*Tell us what your favourite seasonal produce is and why in the comments section of this post.  Only one entry per person per week allowed.  Winner will be drawn next Monday – June 4th, 2012 at Level 1, 99 Highett Street, Richmond, VIC, Aust 3121. This week’s voucher enables you $100 worth or market goodies at SOUTH MELBOURNE MARKET.

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  1. Julia

    Pine mushrooms! They’re so meaty and delicious and so very seasonal! With their bright orange color, they embody everything that Autumn is about :)

  2. Agapi Markogiannakis

    Pommegranites. Gray in salads for some zing, great in a bowl as a table centre piece and fun to eat with someone you love.

  3. emma

    Potatoes! You can’t go wrong with a potato.. lousy cook or masterchef, everyone cam find a way to make them warm and hearty on a cold day.

  4. Lou

    Pink Lady Apples. Crisp and juicy versatile when my kids eat them, everyone is mute!

  5. Yew Jin Fong

    Kiwi Fruit…
    Buy some kiwi fruit,
    Cut, scoop, eat,
    Taste so sour,
    And forget it not!!!

  6. Emily Delaney

    POTATOES, I realise, are in season all year long, however I have just discovered this AMMMAzzzzing recipe, that has potatoes as its main ingredient, and tastes deliciously like cookie dough. From one of my favourite food bloggers, a fellow Canadian, :) she calls it “pota-dough” and combines yellow skinned potatoes, with cashew butter, maple syrup and some chocolate chips and it seriously tastes fantastic!

    I also always love sweet potatoes, which are in season right now, as I make delicious baked fries!!

    Here’s the link to the recipe if I’ve gotten you curious:

  7. Leonie Mccallum

    I love Kiwi Fruit. The colour, the texture, the flavour are all sublime and something the kids will eat everytime!

  8. Lorraine

    KIWI FRUIT…I watched Master Chef yesterday and discovered the GREATNESS of KIWI.


    Kiwi can be used as a starter, cooked with meat to give the flavour, eat with cream as a desert. What a great complete meal!

  9. Gin

    LEMONS! We have a lemon tree visible from our bedroom window, and the lemons are just turning from their limey green to their gorgeous vibrant yellow. Nothing better than a lush lemon tree!

    Lemon in camomile tea in the morning. Lemon squeezed over avocado on toast. Lemon, squash and chicken soup (happiness soup 😀 ) for when it’s cold. Lemon and honey when you get a cold. The list is endless.

    Lemony goodness knows no bounds.

  10. Rachel Weaver

    Nourishing and delectable apples. From a delicious apple crumble for dessert to a tasty and crunchy mid afternoon snack, apples are my choice as my favourite seasonal produce of the moment.

  11. Danielle

    Brussel Sprouts have become a favorite of mine. My mom used to make them all the time as a kid with butter & pepper; I would stick up my nose at them and complain when I saw them on the dinner table. I think Brussel Sprouts will become the hip, got-to-have vegetable for this winter! Whether you roast them with olive oil and a little salt & pepper or shave them in a salad with red onion, lemon & pecorino romano they are my new go to dish. Watch out for brussel sprouts making a comeback in 2012!

  12. Fisher

    Ginger! Anti inflammatory, healing and adds warmth
    And spice to japanese soups, stir fry’s, currys, herbal teas,
    With lemon and honey and hot water healed my
    Husband from infection with the flu and added to
    Warm salad with chicken great for jet lag!
    Ginger is so versatile, warming and heavenly!
    If people knew how transformative it was they would
    Use it everyday.
    In soups, curry, broths, with tea, and in stir fry’s or salads.
    Mother nature intended us to be healed by ginger 😉 x

  13. Jennifer B.

    Not sexy but SO yummy with a curry sauce or flaked toasted almonds and melted butter… I love winter’s BRUSSEL SPROUTS!

    (And they’re good for you too!)

  14. Judi Adams

    Pumpkin of any variety,
    Delicious and healthy,
    Perfect for a meal that is hearty,
    And such wonderful versatility,
    Sweet or savoury,
    Pumpkin rates highly.

  15. DIANA

    Mandarins, they’re sweet, juicy and so yummy. A great snack when you’re on the go that doesn’t need any preparation at all. Just peel and go!!

  16. Helene

    CHESTNUTS – roasted over an open fire,
    awaken the taste-buds to a wonderful aroma!

    Fresh from the market,
    best of season’s harvest.
    Delight in its sweet and nutty flavours.

    Roasted, grilled, sumptuous as stuffing, delicious in desserts……
    Enjoy by the flickering fire,
    snack away the sweet golden kernels.
    Make our wintery days warm & mellow…

  17. joanne brown

    I,m very pashionate about passionfruit. . .A little goes a delicious and tangy way. . . Passionfruit…the crowning glory to a cheesecake or pavlova…They are not fully dressed til the passionfruit has been sprinkled. . . They are not ready til the passionfruit sings !

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